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School of Optoelectronic Engineering

The School of Optoelectronic Engineering was founded in 1955 and is one of the few departments of Xi’an Technology University to enroll students when the university was founded. It is comprised of Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument Department, Optical Information Science and Technology Department, Photoelectric Testing Technology Research Institute, Photoelectric Information Technology Research Institute, Photoelectric Micro-system Research Institute and Photoelectric Engineering Experimental Center, as well as the Demonstrative International Cooperation Base of the Ministry of Science and Technology for Optical Advanced Manufacturing and Photoelectric Detection Technology, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education,the jointly-built Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Shaanxi Province for Thin Film and Optical Manufacturing Technology, the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Photoelectric Testing and Instrument Technology, and the Shaanxi Optical Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center.


The School covers an area of about 8,000 square meters, and the value of experimental and scientific instruments is about 98 million yuan. We have three undergraduate majors: Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument, Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering, and Electronic Science and Technology (Optoelectronics Technology). Our school has an optical engineering postdoctoral research station, optical engineering first-level doctoral accreditation point, master's degree majors (optical engineering, measurement technology and equipment, precision instruments and machinery with optical engineering being the provincial key major). Optical engineering, Instrumentation engineering are two master degree majors. Control Technology and Instrument was rated the Star Major of the first batch in Shaanxi Province in 2001 and regarded as the National characteristic specialty major in 2007 and approved “Shaanxi Province Innovative training and reform pilot area” in 2009; Photoelectric Information Engineering was rated as a famous brand in Shaanxi Province in 2010; at the same time, “Optical Series Course Teaching Team” was awarded the Shaanxi Excellent Teaching Team. In 2011, the Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation Major was approved by the Ministry of Education as the Excellent Engineer Education Training Program. In 2012, the “Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument” was rated as the provincial star major taught by outstanding teaching team and the provincial comprehensive reform pilot project. The “Photoelectric Engineering Experimental Center” was approved as the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. In 2014, it was approved as the Shaanxi Provincial Joint Training Demonstration Workstation. 



After 60 years’ development, the School of Optoelectronic Engineering has made remarkable achievements in discipline, faculty, and talent cultivation. In 1999, the establishment of Thin Film Optical Testing laboratory" was approved by the government of Shaanxi Province; in 2002, the establishment of high-tech cooperation and development center between China and Belarus was approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department. In 2004, the “Research and Development Service Center for Optical Thin Films and Devices of National Optoelectronic Achievement Transformation and Industrialization Base " were established. Shaanxi provincial key laboratory of optical testing and instrument technology was approved and established in 2007; the laboratory of thin film optical manufacturing technology was rated the key laboratory of the ministry of education in 2008; Shaanxi Optical Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center (13115 Engineering Center) was approved in 2010, and an international scientific and technological cooperation base for advanced optical manufacturing and photoelectric detection was established in 2012.

Representative of the Research Base

International Science and Technology Cooperation Demonstration Base of the Ministry of Science for Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Optoelectronic Testing

Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education

The Key Laboratory of Thin Film and Optical Manufacturing Technology of the Ministry of Education (jointly established by the province and the ministry).

Key Laboratory of Film Technology and Optical Detection in Shaanxi Province.

Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Measurements and Instrumentation Technology in Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Province Advanced Optical Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center (13115)

China-Belarus High-Tech Cooperation Research Center

National Optoelectronics Achievement Transformation and Industrialization Base - Optical Thin Film and Device R&D Service Center.